Building Versus Buying Luxury Homes In Fort Lauderdale

When you are ready for a new house, one of the top considerations is whether to build it or buy it. Is building a luxury home in Fort Lauderdale a better deal than buying an existing one? You need to evaluate the pros and cons before you take the plunge.

The pros of building a luxury home in Fort Lauderdale
You can enjoy huge discounts on materials for building your dream house. You’ll need to do a thorough research to find reliable suppliers who are willing to offer you an attractive discount if you buy lots of construction materials from them.
Additionally, building a luxury home gives you the benefit of no hidden costs since everything is new. You don’t have to invest in a pre-existing property only to find out months later that the roof is leaking or the exterior needs repainting.
Probably the biggest advantage of building a custom luxury property is that you have control over the design so there’s no risk of spending more money in renovations as it is when you purchase an existing property. It gives you fulfillment and pride knowing that every element in the house is uniquely yours.
The cons of building a custom luxury home
The biggest drawback to building your own home is the time that it takes to complete the project. If you need to move immediately, this may not be an ideal option since most projects take longer than the estimated time to complete.
With custom luxury homes, you may have to choose very limited designs especially if your budget is tight. If you end up making changes along the way,

you’ll pay a lot more and drag the project.
As you plan on building your luxury home, be aware that there are building codes that have to be met. You’ll need to factor in the cost of home inspection and risk redoing some of the tasks to ensure they are up to code.
You must also be very keen on the agreement you sign with the builder. Should the building process encounter any issues, you may need a lawyer to help

prevent huge financial losses.
Since building a home is likely to take a lot of time, you may need to source for temporary housing for yourself and other members of your household. This means the additional expense of hiring movers, paying for storage and other factors that come into play should you consider temporary housing.
Why buy a pre-existing luxury home?
There are many reasons why most people in Fort Lauderdale prefer buying a pre-existing home. For a start, you don’t have to spend any money on upgrades, in most cases, the renovations can be delayed as you budget for them. Additionally, you are able to move quickly and avoid the hassles of dealing with builders and inspectors. What’s even better is that you have so many design options to choose from that can meet your needs and budget. With a pre-existing home, you can see the layout and floor plan so it’s easy to make a decision on what you really love.

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