Selling Homes in Fort Lauderdale After the Hurricane

The weeks, months and years after a hurricane can prove tough for investors and property owners in Fort Lauderdale. You may want to sell your home fast after the hurricane in order to overcome the tragedy and start off a fresh. Whatever your reasons for selling your home after a hurricane, you need to approach the process with caution.

Find a realtor to help

First things first, you need a realtor to help put perspective after the chaos. Hurricanes can have serious ramifications on a property’s value so you need to understand how badly your home has been affected. Your property may have sustained incredible damage. A real estate agent will help you understand your options and make a decision that saves you money in the process. Work with a realtor who is not only looking to make a quick buck but will equally help you to salvage your belongings and has experience in short sales.

Should you invest in repairs?

Having repairs done immediately can help to avoid additional damage. Continuous damage usually occurs and the property deteriorates further if the necessary repairs are not carried out in good time. That small roof leak could soon lead to structural issues that compromise the whole building. Don’t be stuck with a deteriorating home that is harder to sell; call for home inspection immediately after the hurricane and begin working on the damaged areas.

Get flood insurance

Hurricanes can result in loss of lives, emotional stress and anxiety that no amount of compensation can help relieve. Hundreds of homeowners will also face costly repairs that need to be done immediately. For homeowners who have adequate flood insurance, getting immediate repairs done is no hassle. Sometimes power outages last weeks after the hurricane rendering homes unsafe. It is important to ensure that the property is habitable by conventional standards if you intend to sell it.

Can you sell your home without repairs?

Sometimes the home can be sold with the damage that it has encountered. In fact, homes can be sold in virtually any condition you can imagine. Whether the roof is leaking, windows are broken or there’s mold all over the place, you can always find a buyer. However, it’s not surprising for homes that have endured extensive damage to require more marketing in order to find a suitable buyer. Getting the right photos and documentation to sell the property can be a challenge. Not to mention making it visually appealing to the buyer.

Finding a suitable buyer

You need to be well prepared to vet the home buyer. A suitable buyer is one who has the cash or financing to purchase the home. Bear in mind that most lenders will not offer financing to buy a home that has structural problems. If it is shown that the property value has declined, it’s hard for the buyer to access financing. Watch out for predatory buyers or unethical investors who simply want to take advantage of hurricane victims.

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