Terra Mar

Terramar is South Florida’s best kept secret, a hidden gem of comfort and luxury located largely within the coastal city of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. A small portion of Terramar also belongs to neighboring Pompano Beach, which means this cozy community straddles two very desirable cities. It’s also buttressed between the lovely Intracoastal Waterway and the pristine beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean. With this peerless location, relaxed atmosphere, and comfortable array of homes, Terramar is the best choice for quintessential tropical living.
Terramar real estate consists mostly of condominiums rather than single-family homes, although you’ll find a fair share of fairly spacious and versatile condominiums. There’s a great variety of residences to choose from also, with all sorts of floor plans, styles, and features on offer. Subsequently, a diverse mix of residents call Terramar home, from families and young couples to retirees. While there are a few interior properties available, most homes provide great waterfront or waterview locations. This friendly and serene community certainly has a lot to offer.

Perhaps one of Terramar’s most alluring qualities is its phenomenal location. You can enjoy the best of the region’s world-famous warmth and sunshine, thanks to an excellent proximity to the ocean. Walk across South Ocean Boulevard, and you’ll instantly notice how close Terra Mar is to the oceanfront and the beaches. In fact, you’ll find nothing but sun-kissed coastline for several miles to both the north and the south. Plus, since Terramar has a dual location, you’ll have a wide assortment of places to explore, including some of the best shops, restaurants, and clubs in the city.

In short, Terramar offers a great combination of factors for an excellent standard of living. There’s pristine beachfront just a short walk away, a safe and friendly atmosphere, and a wide assortment of interesting places to enjoy and explore. You’ll be at the heart of what makes South Florida living so desirable.